10 Questions To Ask A Potential Dog Walker


Although many of us really enjoy taking our dogs for their morning and evening walks, it’s sometimes a difficult thing to do because of the busy lives that we lead.  These days we are fortunate enough to be able to turn to professional dog walker in Frederick who can give our pets the exercise that they require. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel that you need to start looking for a dog walker, you will need to think about how you will choose the right dog walker for your dog. Below we will provide you with a list of some questions that you could ask a potential dog walker.

1. How long have you been a dog walker?

The reason why you need to ask this question is that an experienced dog walker should be better at dealing with any potential situation that could arise, simply because of their experience. That said, we all have to begin somewhere so do not avoid choosing a dog walker who has little experience, it is worth trusting your gut instincts when you first meet.

2. Do you have dog walker insurance?

You may have insurance for your dog but you also need to check that any potential dog walker also has pet business insurance too. Anybody who owns a pet business needs to have some form of liability insurance. Check to make sure that any potential dog walker is covered so that you have the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is safe. There is no issue in asking to see insurance documentation.

 3. Will, my dog be put in any form of transport?

If your dog is likely to be traveling in a van, for example, you need to ask how long they will spend in the van. Ideally, it needs to be less than half an hour.

4. Do they walk other dogs too?

For socializing purposes, it’s great for your dog to be around other dogs. However, you may not necessarily want your dog to be amongst a large group of dogs as your dog may lack the attention that he needs, or he may simply not be comfortable around a large group of dogs.

5. Where will you take my dog for a walk?

Ask the potential dog walker if your dog is taken for walks around local streets or somewhere more rural. Most of us would probably prefer for our dogs to be able to have a good walk/run in a rural location as opposed to walking the streets.

6. Are you first aid trained?

Whenever a dog goes out for a walk there’s always an element of risk. For example, a dog may accidentally swallow something that is poisonous, experience heatstroke or is involved in an accident. For this reason, anybody who walks dogs as a profession needs to be fully aware of appropriate first aid.

 7. Do you offer a trial walk?

Getting answers to questions is important, but actually going out for a trial walk with a potential dog walker is the best way of seeing how they interact with your dog when they are looking after it. Therefore, ask the dog walker if it is okay for you to tag along with them when they go for a walk. This gives you the chance to see if your dog is comfortable with the walker and how your dog fits amongst any other dogs that are on the walk too.

8. Are you able to clean my dog in bad weather?

If your dog has been out for a walk and the weather has been wet or muddy, you won’t want them to come home looking dirty and smelly. So, ask your dog walker if they have any facilities to wash your dog and whether they would clean your dog before they bring him back to you.

9. Do you have a policy for off lead walking?

Ask the potential dog walker if your dog will always remain on a lead or if the walker allows them off their lead. If they are allowed off the lead, how is this done? Are they allowed off straightaway or is it a more gradual process, which takes place once the walker and your dog have built up a relationship and trust each other? A gradual process is an ideal option.

10. Do you have a cancellation policy?

Check and see if the dog walker has a cancellation policy, as you may need to cancel or suspend your contract if, for example, you were going away on holiday. It’s important to be fully aware of what to your dog walker’s cancellation policy is in case you do need to suspend or cancel the contract.

If you have any other questions to ask dog sitter during an interview. Post them in the comments to help others.


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