Trip With A Dog To The Water. How To Take Care Of Your Pet’s Safety?


We now have a lot of opportunities for our pets to take a bath. How to take care of his safety without taking away the fun of the dog or himself?

The Smart Dog Lover should help you learn to maintain your dog’s wealthy and safety.

Are you planning a vacation with a dog at the seaside, or maybe a sailing trip to Masuria? It doesn’t matter where you go, but it’s important to keep your pet safe. Most dogs can swim, but there are also those that bypass the water in a wide arc. Safe trip with a dog to the water? It is possible. Read our tips to avoid unhappiness.

1. Sun protection

Hairless dogs, but also those with fair coats and pink nose are most at risk of overheating. It is not difficult to get sunburn especially over water, so it is good to rest in a shady place not only for children but also for dogs.

2. Return on call

Make sure your dog ruthlessly returns on call. It’s necessary if you want to unleash it on a leash near the water reservoir – even if it was the shallowest pond in the area. The water is unpredictable, and the pooch can go too far from the shore – you must be sure that whenever you call him, he will come back to you without undue delay.

3. Drinking water

Sun, sand, and saltwater, or a seaside paradise, can be risky – when a dog wants to drink water, but the water from the sea, and you forget about the bowl with fresh water to drink. Seawater can cause the dog to become dehydrated and vomit. How to discourage a pet from eating it? When you see that he is starting to drink saltwater, call him, reward him and offer fresh, cold, freshwater. So that the seaside’s fur does not dry out your pet’s fur and skin, rinse it with fresh water – it will look healthy and have a shiny coat.

4. With the dog to the water, i.e. safe exit

Safety over water is not only swimming but also … getting out of the sea or lake. While the exit from the sea is usually gentle, it is different at the lake or river. Show the dog a place where you can safely enter the water tank and stand there when you call the dog to you. Let him know that he can quickly find himself ashore whenever the need arises.

5. Swimming skills

This is not so obvious – not all dogs can swim. Some can do it from a puppy on their own, others run away from water. Before you start encouraging a reluctant dog to enter the water, make sure that there are no health contraindications. When you let yourself into really deep water, be sure that your pet feels good and there is no problem with movement.


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