The Most and Least Dog-Loving States in America: A Sentiment Analysis of Tweets


In a unique and data-driven approach, the latest report from Snubbies.com has revealed fascinating insights into the most and least dog-loving states in the United States. By analyzing tweets from across the country, the study offers a fresh perspective on how different states feel about our furry friends.


The research hinged on sentiment analysis of geo-tagged tweets, specifically focusing on how often and in what context dogs were mentioned. Key to this study was the concept of “mentions per 100k” – a metric designed to equalize the data across states regardless of their population size. This analysis looked at both positive expressions, like terms of affection toward dogs, and negative comments, such as complaints about barking or leash issues.

Surprising Findings: Tennessee Tops the Chart

Tennessee emerged as the state with the most love for dogs, showcasing a significant disparity between positive mentions and negative comments. Out of every 100,000 tweets, 78 were positively dog-related, while only 2 expressed negative sentiments like loud barking or aggression. This result pegged Tennessee’s Total Positive Sentiment at an impressive 97.5%.

The Florida Paradox

Florida presented an intriguing case. Despite recording a high number of affectionate mentions (116 per 100k), it was the 22 complaints per 100k about issues like barking and aggression that brought its positive sentiment down to 84.06%. This highlights an interesting dynamic where love for dogs coexists with concerns about their behavior.

Comprehensive Analysis

This study is not just about the outliers but provides a complete list of states, offering a comprehensive look at how the entire country engages with dogs in their daily digital conversations.

Snubbies.com’s report offers an enlightening perspective on America’s relationship with dogs, utilizing social media sentiment as a novel barometer. This approach not only reflects the love and challenges experienced by dog owners but also underscores the cultural differences in how different states interact with their canine companions.

For more detailed insights and a full list of states, visit Snubbies.com’s detailed report.


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