Planning a Smooth Downsize Move as a Pet Owner


If you plan to downsize homes with your pet in tow, you have some special considerations to make. Not only do you have to handle all the responsibilities that come with a downsize, but you also have to think about the safety, comfort, and well-being of your furry companion in the process.

Pet Sitter Frederick is here to help you prepare! Check out these practical tips for getting yourself and your pet ready for your next chapter:

Getting Ready for the Move      

Your first step will be to prepare your home for sale. Take time to declutter your entire property inside and out. Purge your closets and living spaces, and determine what possessions you will take with you to the new home. For everything else, decide whether to sell, donate, or discard it. You will also need to make any essential repairs that could prevent you from selling your home quickly, including fixing lousy paint jobs, plumbing issues, and roof leaks.

Furthermore, you will need to stage your home so that its best qualities shine in your listing photos and showings. This involves depersonalizing each space by removing family photos, awards, and other items that could make it difficult for potential buyers to envision themselves living in your home.

As you are preparing your home for sale, consider having a friend, relative, or pet sitter like Pet Sitter Frederick to watch your pet so that you can stay focused on your tasks while ensuring your pet stays safe and comfortable.

Features to Look for in Your New Home

You must consider the safety and comfort of yourself and your furry family member when choosing a new home. For example, does the property have a fence and a backyard that will accommodate your pet’s activity level? Is there enough lighting and ventilation to keep both of you healthy?

If your pet is in their senior years, will they have a comfortable living area on a ground-level floor, and does the home’s overall layout allow for easy pet-proofing? These are just a few of the many factors you should consider when evaluating the features of any property you are considering.

Buying Your New Home    

After choosing a home, you will have to handle many tasks before closing the deal. For example, seek preapproval for a mortgage to get an accurate estimate of what type of loan you will qualify for. This will also allow you to move through the home buying process faster because sellers like it when a potential buyer gets preapproved.

You will also need to choose a mortgage that you will be able to pay long-term. There are many different types of home loans to consider, including conventional, VA, and FHA loans, among many others. Research your options and learn about the different rates by searching “Penny Mac US” online.

From Point A to Point B       

Moving day could be pretty intense for your precious furball, so try to do anything necessary to keep them comfortable and calm while you or strangers move things in and out of your home. You might consider leaving them with a pet sitter for most of the day, but if that is not possible, try to carve them out a space in a secure room where you don’t have to worry about them becoming overly anxious or running away.

Helping Your Pet Acclimate

Lastly, when you start to move things into your new home, you will want to make sure that you immediately create a comfortable living space for your pet. Put their favorite bedding, toys, and bowls in the area, along with any other familiar items that could help them stay comfortable. And as much as possible, try to maintain their regular feeding, potty, and play routine as you adjust to life in your new living environment.

Downsizing can be overwhelming, especially when you have a pet to look after. Consider the tips above as you plan your move, and take any other necessary steps to keep your pet safe and comfortable in the process. In no time, you and your furry companion will be settling into your routine and enjoying your new neighborhood!

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