First-Time Pet Owners | What You Need to Know


Getting your first pet can be exhilarating. You get to choose your perfect new companion, get all the accessories, and start the bonding process. Yet, there is a lot to consider before you take the plunge. Pet Sitter Frederick offers some guidance on what you need to know when you decide to bring home your first pet.

Don’t Get the Cutest Pet

It can be tempting to simply get the animal we desire the most, but take your lifestyle and your home into consideration. Dogs need lots of room and have to go outside often. If you are not interested in going out and walking your dog twice a day, then consider another animal, no matter how much you want a canine. You have to think of the animal’s best interests, after all. Cats, birds, hamsters, and reptiles are great alternatives, many of which can be cuddly without needing the devotion a dog requires. If you have allergies, you may consider something without fur or dander. Don’t limit yourself to a cat or dog. A bird can be just as affectionate. If you are less hands-on, you may want a reptile or fish.

Make Your Home Safe

Pets, like children, can get into all sorts of mischief. You need to prepare your home and make sure it’s pet-friendly. Keep toxic items like medication or chemicals out of reach or behind locked cabinets. Make sure your trash is inaccessible, as many pets will head straight for it. Baby gates are a great way to keep pets out of areas like the kitchen or bathrooms. Secure breakable items before your pet moves in, and make sure there are no wires within chewing distance of your new companion.

What You Need

Depending on your animal of choice, you may need different items. Cats, for instance, require a litter box, but a dog will need a scoop or doggie bags for waste removal. You’ll need food, bowls, and water dispensers before your pet arrives. A dog will need a bed, somewhere safe they can sleep at night, a crate, and, depending on the breed and age, a stroller for long walks. You’ll also need essential cleaning supplies to take care of any messes your pet could make. And no matter what animal you choose, your pet is also going to need toys for enrichment. A bored pet can become destructive or unenthusiastic. Whatever gear you need to acquire, be sure to read reviews and gauge prices before making a purchase.

Connect with Professionals

It’s important to establish a relationship with a vet as soon as you bring home your new animal companion. Even if your adoption included vaccinations and spay or neutering, a visit to the vet can help you detect any lingering issues. Plus, you don’t want to be waiting until you have an emergency to find a veterinarian.

In addition to a vet, make a point to connect with a groomer and a daycare service. If you have a pet with long hair or other upkeep needs, having a quality grooming service you can turn to will ensure your pet stays comfortable and cleaned up. It’s also a good idea to find a daycare service or pet sitter such as Pet Sitter Frederick if you anticipate being away from a new dog for work. Your new pup shouldn’t be left home alone after you first bring them home.

Forming a Bond

Even baby animals can be nervous in a new environment, and a rescue may be more so. You may want to introduce your pet to their new home one section at a time. Try not to overwhelm them by letting them roam a large space alone. Instead, have a certain space set up for them, full of toys and comfort items. Develop a routine with them quickly. Pets love security and knowing when they will be fed.

Grooming at home is another great way to bond with your new pet. Petting him and playing together are ways to help your pet learn to trust and love you. Pets may be fearful at first, but don’t take it as rejection. Give them time, have patience, and show them as much love as you can.

Make sure you’re properly prepared, and you can make this transition for both you and your pet easier. Your first pet is an experience you will never forget. They offer a form of love so many of us crave while simultaneously encouraging us to live healthier lives.

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